Sunday, December 25, 2005

Speaking of Photos

Soon I will have no excuse for not taking more photos, for our weekly competition. I have inside knowledge of one of my Yule time presents that is only a few short hours from being opened... a new Canon Lens!!! 70-300mm F4-5.6 IS Lens!!

So did I peek in my packages, did I sneak through the boxes before they were wrapped? No of course not, what fun would that be?!?!

No, my wonderful wife wanted to get me something great for my birthday, and started looking into a lens for me. Realizing how expensive they are, she decided to consult with me about what to get. Typically when spending this kind of dough, I drug my feet. Even with her prodding me every week or 2, I just couldn't decide what lens to buy. Finally I decided the more expensive Canon with Image stabilization. I know we could have saved a couple of hundred bucks getting a Tamron with out IS, but then we would have been tied to ALWAYS using a tripod with the lens. The IS makes it so you can 'get away' with hand held in some conditions. Knowing myself (and my wife who is a very good photographer, too) that was a necessity (the IS).

So finally and just in time for Yule, I decided and we ordered the Lens, so I know what I am getting....what a wonderful and supporting wife I have!!!!

But back to the beginning, so with the new lens, I will be pushing myself to try to take at least 50 photos a week, and if I can't get 1 that is good enough for posting to our weekly contest, then I need to re-think my possible Retirement income plans......

Good night and Merry Yule to the world, Hopefully we are moving to a better year, and can put the many disasters of 2005 behind us!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Long time coming

Well it has been nearly 2 months...since my last blog that is so sad.

I could say I have been busy and I have, but that isn't why

I could say I took lots of time taking photos but there are some people who could dispute that (right Phil and Chris?)

I could say that I was snowed in and could take time from shoveling to blog but we haven't had much snow....

I could say that not much has been happening, but look around, think about how things have been going around the world, and that isn't it either.

So the real reason is just plain lazy. Haven't taken the time to express anything here. That will be changing. I plan to start blogging at a more frequent rate, maybe I can try weekly..who knows.
Anyway we are coming up to the arbitrary start of a New Gregorian calendar Year, only a week away. Since my last post was nearly on the Natural calendar's New Year (yep 10/31.. Halloween) let's see if I can get my butt in gear and commit to blogging every week, if only to say hi to the world out there....

Hi World!!