Thursday, January 26, 2006

Got Tagged on a Four!

Four jobs I've had
  1. · Drug Dealer (1-1)
  2. · Snack counter clerk
  3. · Hardware store clerk
  4. · A little of everything at a place called Coldwater Creek

Four movies I can watch over and over
  1. · Great Escape
  2. · High Fidelity
  3. · Conan the Barbarian (original only)
  4. · Pirates of the Caribbean

Four places I've lived
  1. · Cape Elizabeth, Maine
  2. · Atlanta, Georgia
  3. · Wausau, Wisconsin
  4. · Kansas, City Kansas

Four TV shows I love
  1. · Lost
  2. · Boston Legal/The Practice
  3. · Six Feet Under
  4. · Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Four places I've vacationed
  1. · New Hampshire
  2. · Maine
  3. · Oregon/Washington Coast
  4. · Canada

Four of my favorite dishes
  1. · Burrito’s
  2. · Taco/Tostado/Nacho’s
  3. · Lasagna
  4. · Spaghetti

Four sites I visit daily
  1. · ESPN
  2. · MSNBC
  3. · My Yahoo
  4. · Blogger

Four places I would rather be right now
  1. · At home with my Family!
  2. · Outdoors taking some photos
  3. · Just hanging out with my wife
  4. · On a movie and dinner date

Bloggers I am tagging (Your turn to fill this form out and pass it on to ?)


1-1 footnote - OK I worked in a warehouse shipping pharaceuticals for WarnerLambert
1-2 footnote - I skipped a few things I would list as my 4 , because I didn't want to copy previous bloggers ( Mike Phil Cassie )

Sunday, January 15, 2006

January Sunshine

Well OK, I live in North Idaho, and we have had Rain (or Snow or both every day for the last 28 days). And though the sun was out for a bit of time today, I don’t think it counts, as we got Rain first, then Sun, then Snow, then rain. Do you see the pattern here??

We started with about the first 20 days of December never getting above 32 degrees. We had snow here and there, but no major accumulation. Then we warmed up, and started getting rain (and snow mixed in) so slush and mush all around.

Then last week we had another snow/rain/frozen rain storm, and about 20,000 people in our area lost there power. We did too, though we were without power for nearly 2 days. Lost the power during the night and woke to a dark house, and no way to use water (we have a spring fed well), think no toilet, no COFFEE, no shower, etc.. Dutifully called the power company and they took our information. We wait and wait…..

That evening, I come home early and bring Taco Bell to a starving wife and daughter!! Call the power company again and leave our information, and wait and wait.

Call back again and talk to a real person, she says don’t worry all the crews are out and they expect to get everyone back on, but they can’t promise anyone that they really will get their power.

We go to bed, and expect to get up to power. We are awoken at 3 am by the phone, ‘are you glad we got your power on?’ Well no, since we still don’t have power…..grrrr…. and thanks for waking us up to find that out!!! ‘ Oh you don’t, well sorry, the crews have all gone home to sleep (we are ok with this as most have no doubt been working in the cold and dark for nearly 24 hours “hey don’t fall asleep while working on MY power”), so don’t expect your power in the next few hours.’

So another morning NO COFFEE, no shower, no toilet (though it is raining so much, I can put a bucket outside under the corner of the house, it is filled up in about 20 minutes, and now just bring it in and ‘flush’ the toilet!)

Later in the morning and afternoon try to convince my wife to come to town and wait out the power company from the friendly confines of her mother’s house. She will have none of it… Finally around 3 pm, I call my wife back and conference in my mother-in-law and convince my wife that town is the place to be (when necessary always bring in the big guns “your Mom is on my side”). She is convinced, and of course within about an hour the power comes back on, so my wife ‘gets’ to stay home after all.

Now it is time to access the damage, nearly everything on the door to both freezer’s is soft and will need to be thrown out. Milk and other perishables need to go. Other items like Ice Cream and frozen juice also have gone soft (for how long who knows). Being the frugal person that she is, my wife wants to keep as much as possible. I say better safe than sorry. Is that $3 box of Veggie burgers worth 24 (or 48) hour food poisoning!! I say no way. Of course it is not just one or 2 boxes, but really which is worse: Throwing out something that potentially Might be OK or keeping it and finding out it Wasn’t OK and spending a long few hours praying to or sitting on the porcelain chariot!!!!!

I think my descriptions of the possible outcomes finally swayed her, (of course joking that they might give us all Gonneria broke the tension, and got a couple of laughs, too)! So Costco, Safeway, Yokes and Walmart all got a few extra sales this week from us. On the bright side, our fuel bill should be lower this month, 2 less days of usage!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy(?) New Year (calendar anyway)

Well another calendar year bites the dust! and Boy did 2005 bite! It was a crappy year in so many ways; it is hard to count them all.

(For anyone offended by the truth, or sensitive to ranting skip the next 2 paragraphs)

Our feared leader has shown time and time again just how ignorant, incompetent and immoral he and his compatriots can be. From continued bad decisions in Iraq, to how we are perceived in the world because of them, to horrible decisions related to Katrina, Rita and disaster relief in the Gulf area. More recently the revelation of the invasion of privacy to anyone 'they' deem necessary to 'listen in on', with no prior court approval (do you feel safer?)! What is next, opening your mail, instead of just running it through a scanner? Will they start to tell us what we can think too?
Of course the ONLY good thing to say about GW is that he is still breathing, can you imagine how much worse it would be if Cheney was in a higher seat of power than he is currently? (and you can only wonder what kind of person he would pick for his VP.... and with the current Congressional makeup we might end up with Bozo the Clown: oh wait that is an improvement and they wouldn't want that!)
Supreme Court Nominations (both the resigned and the accepted), the Economy, the Environment and the plain old arrogant bluster of nearly everything that comes from his mouth.

Enough of the ranting!!

On the positive side my Family and I are all Healthy and Happy. We live in a wonderful community! We are able to spend time together and make plans together. We traveled to New England this summer and had an excellent time at a family reunion. Recently I have had the opportunity to take some vacation time and just kick back with my wife and daughter and enjoy life and their company.

We continue to try to make the world a better place in how we live, and how we raise our daughter. We try to help people when able and support the environment and animals in many ways. We are trying to live smaller and use fewer resources. Planning for the future and hoping that more people can get in step with progress in creating a Better, Peaceful United World!!

So with that thought I will say HAPPY NEW YEAR, and try to do YOUR part in creating a better Tomorrow!!!