Saturday, November 11, 2006

Oh yeah I have a Blog!!

As per usual, I blogged regularly for a few weeks, then got out of the habit, and it has been a couple of months... Bad Dave!

Some exciting news at least for me. Signed up for WildBlue Satellite for Internet. Have been on Dial-up for about 10 years, and finally have a better option. I like it a lot, though my wife continues to say 'I don't see a difference'. It is at least 8 times faster and sometimes as much as 10 times faster (based on download speeds)!! The other problem is that when snow collects on the dish, reception decreases (or ceases). Then again when I park the car and it snows, I need to clean off the windshield to drive, guess it is similar.

On a bigger scale, the recent National elections are showed a trend to rationality in the electorate that we have been missing for the last 6 years at least, and last 12 years in total. The Democratic Party has taken back control of the House and Senate, and a large majority of the Governorships. Perhaps we can start un-doing the last 6 years of un-checked errors and horrible decisions by King George and his minions.