Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1984 is here!

War is Peace! Help is hurt!

George Orwell would be "proud" of georgie's latest example

Haven't they suffered enough in SoCal??

Now they have to put up with this too? Is there no justice?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here is a proposal I could endorse!!

Not sure Richardson is the person I could vote for but this education proposal sure makes a ton of sense. My daughter has been subjected to the dumbing down of her education for the last 6 years. So much time is taken from class to prepare for the test, and taking the test, it is a bit ridiculous. Even from the standpoint of making sure that all kids learn at least a bare minimum, this testing process is flawed. Teachers are less engaged due to the boredom of the routine imposed, almost as detrimental as the kids lack of enthusiasm is towards education. So as soon as we can repeal/drop stop funding 'Every Child Left Behind' (from georgie and the GOP), the better off our nation will be.

How to make george bush look better?

Well the GOP has finally found a way to make georgie look like he can be articulate.