Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another 1984 similarity from georgie's regime?

Well again we have some strong evidence that georgie and 'friends' have no idea what is going on. A recent article I read points to the stupidity that we see coming from the republican prez and DOD in regards to Iraq and why we should never have gone there. It just re-enforces why we need to be sure that we have a 'regime' change at home before we start telling others how to run their country.
As my wife said just tonight, it is pretty pathetic when your prez is so out of touch with everything that he can piss off the Canadians! How can you do that? They are the most rational country in the world that you could find, and they are mad at us too! She has a friend who lives there, and nearly all of the Canadian's she knows, can't stand him any more than we can (Approval rating Feb 2008, 19% in the US).