Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another Weekend!!

Home at last with the Family. Seemed like a long week at work, but the weekend is here!
Just kicking back, going to do some lawn work in preparation for the summer, hope we don't get too much rain. Well again, listened to the weather people and shouldn't have. I should have gone on instinct. I told my wife last night, we should go on a photo excursion this morning early, before the sun got up too high. Then watched the news and they said we were going to have rain this morning. Of course no rain.... So now we only have tomorrow for an early morning trip, and no doubt it will rain, you can never win.
On my way into work all this week, I have been observing a wide range of ducks, geese and other birds, coming back for the summer. At home we have been watching the Gold Finches change from Winter Drab-Olive back to Summer Yellow. Haven't seen the Bald Eagles for a few days, but this week started seeing the Ospreys. Last night, we were treated to a loud chorus from the Frogs in the stream near our house. Spring has sprung!!!